Life is busy and time is precious, so let us take on some of your chores.  We have a fantastic team and vast experience in dealing with all types of clothes and fabrics, from everyday shirts to wedding dresses, duvets to arm chair covers. 


Dry Cleaning

Our experience working with all fabrics, will guarantee impeccable results from your suits to winter coats.   We’ll expertly dry clean and press your garments providing great attention to detail and first class stain removal.  Once cleaned and pressed, your garments will be individually packed and protected, ready to be returned to you.


Shirt Service

Whether your wearing for that important board meeting or casually out with friend, a smart well presented shirt is a very important part of an outfit.  Our shirt laundry service will put your shirts through pre-inspection, followed by treatment and finished by hand.  Your clean fresh shirts will then be either neatly folded or placed ready to wear on hangers.



Let us collect your laundry or drop it in to the shop and we’ll have it cleaned and neatly folded back to you within 24 hours.  To make life even easier, we also offer an ironing service in which case your clothes will be returned ready to back in your wardrobe and in perfect condition to wear.

Alterations image

Repairs & Alterations

We all have those garments in our wardrobe with loose buttons, open seams or loose hems that we haven’t got around to fixing, so let us help.  Our in store alterations service can fix minor repairs and  manage requirements you may have to customise or modify garments.

Additional Services

  • Wedding dress dry cleaning service.  Such a precious item must be cleaned with the utmost care and attention.  Whether it needs to be cleaned after your big day, or in preparation to pass it on to the next generation, we’ll have it beautifully cleaned and looking like new.

  • Table and Bed Linen.  From table clothes and napkins to sheets and pillow cases, we’ll clean them beautifully and return your crisp fresh linen, perfectly folded and ready for you to use in your home.
  • Duvets.  Your duvet will be thoroughly washed using detergents that will be kind to your feathers.
  • What you need not listed?  We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your requirements, so please give us a call and ask.